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This song is based upon the lives of St. Adela of Normandy (daughter of William the Conqueror and sister of Henry I) and her husband, Stephen II, Count of Blois. Their son, Stephen, succeeded Henry I as King, usurping the right of Henry’s daughter, Matilda. Matilda’s son, Henry II, succeeded Stephen. Just to give you a little context. 😉 Also, details about these two are fuzzy, so I did the best I could!

The King’s daughter, she married me
As was her duty
Fifteen and still blooming, in the flow’r of her youth
Twenty years senior, I
Was heir to my father’s line
And in his name already ruling our lands
The Princess was Countess ere ten years had passed

The King’s sister she was then
Her father had met his end
Our fam’ly grew richer with daughters and sons
The Holy Land called my name
For glory, faith, wealth, and fame
For four years, I led men to die in the sands
I feared the siege fruitless – I returned to France

The King’s sister felt my disgrace
Desired that I save my face
My dear wife, so hon’rable, pious, and wise
I could not bear to shame her so
To Palestine I did go
That Crusade was won ere my comp’ny arrived
I remained for the Battle of Ramla and died

The King’s sister, my Lady
I prayed she forgave me
My last thoughts were for her and the child in her womb
In this strange land, far from home
A life at last worth a poem
My eyes lost the light and I called forth her voice
If only to scold me – lament not my choice

The King’s mother was canonized
Some years after her demise
After many moons ruling all I left behind
My children and my lands
All prospered in her hands
She saw our son crowned ere she went to our Lord
A saint and an angel

King’s daughter
King’s sister
King’s mother

No more

©2016 Robin Lea Fritche