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This song is about the Battle of Hastings and the events that led up to it. The “disturbance in the sky” mentioned in this song is Halley’s Comet, thought by some to be a warning sign regarding the expected succession. It had appeared earlier that year.

The disturbance in the sky portended trouble 
The Confessor left the land without an heir
So much blood was savage-spilled
Between these men who all were kin
Deeper than the bond of blood runs power

In the absence of a clear successor
Harold Godwinson was chosen to be king
His brother Tostig cried dissent
And with Norway’s monarch went
To slaughter Englishmen at Fulford
(Let us sing)


In five days more at Stamford Bridge, another battle
Harold’s Saxons triumphed and his foes were slain
With only William left to fight
King Harold marched south with his might
Gathering forces as he went
(Join the refrain)


It’s said at 9 a.m. the Hastings battle started
Between two hills, a land blessed well with trees
The English shield wall on high ground
Duke William’s archers did confound
The Normans failed to break through
(Sing with me)


When the Normans turned to flee, the English followed
Their arrogance rewarded swiftly when they turned
The English died in the their pursuit
Not once, but twice they thought it truth
Shot through the eye, King Harold died
(What have we learned?)


The Conquerer is what we call King William
Who invaded English soil to slay his kin
With untold thousands’ lives he paid
For the throne he won that day
We feel his power yet in our lives
(Sing again)


Deeper than the bond of blood runs power

©2015 Robin Lea Fritche